Young Italians in Australia

September 10, 2016
21 Stewart St Wollongong

The book GIOVANI AUSTRALIANI IN AUSTRALIA.  Un “viaggio” da temporaneo a permanente (Young Italians in Australia. From a Temporary to a Permanent “Journey”) is the result of two years of research. Commencing with statistical migration data from Italy to Australia of the past decade, Michele Grigoletti and Silvia Pianelli have researched the phenomenon in all its breadth and complexity.  Stories told by young Italians who have recently moved to Australia allow the authors to explore the motivations, thoughts, dreams and fears that accompany their journeys.  This book provides precious insight into the experience of those young Italians who leave their country to rebuild their lives in Australia.


The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing the documentary “88 GIORNI NELLE FARM AUSTRALIANE”  88 days on Australian farms: the dreams, hopes and thoughts of young Italians  working on Australian farms.     The title is taken from the actual number of days required to obtain a second working holiday visa.  You can watch the trailer here


Background of the authors:


Michele (Mike) Grigoletti is a social researcher and trend analyst specialised in temporary migration and Italian migration to Australia and New Zealand. He is the founder of the research group «Australia Solo Andata».   He has worked for several British publishing houses, including Penguin Books.  Michele has lived in Sydney since 2004.


Silvia Pianelli has a degree in Communications and is specialised in Journalism and New Media. She has worked as a journalist with several Italian publishers, including RCS Media Group and Il Sole 24 Ore Online.   She has been living in Sydney since 2010, where she has worked in marketing and PR.


«Australia Solo Andata» is an independent research group established to analyse and document all aspects of the new migratory phenomenon, and strives to give a voice to the needs of young Italians in Australia through specific research projects. The group has been active for many years in the study of the recent migratory flux from Italy to Australia and relevant Government policies


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